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B2BTravelAPI - This way our customer can benefit from the inventories and other travel XML API services provided by the third party, by having a quick and easy XML API integration, Extend your customers' choices to flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking, insurance and many more with access to both GDS and external content with our XML integration white label services.

No need for you to make expensive investments in bespoke software developments with various providers as Third party XML API can be easily integrated to your existing system. This solution will be reliable and scalable to support your online business strategy.

An endpoint for multiple connections of travel suppliers, delivering them in a unified XML structure that can be connected to any booking engine back-office and added to current inventory:


  • B2B Travel API
  • B2B internet Booking Engine
  • XML API integrations


  • Custom Development
  • Agile


  • Java / Objective C
  • MySQL


  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality