Hotel Suppliers (Hotel Consolidators ) are travel management companies who provide large database of hotel contents through API or XML format to various travel agents and travel startups or even to large OTAs. These hotel contents comes with all the features like rates, offers, room availability, add-on features, videos, images, facilities and many more. The inventory associated with these hotel suppliers are connected to one's hotel booking system so that their own customers can book hotels directly from their website. The B2B interface allows even the sub-agents to access the online booking system (to increase sales or bookings) to book hotels and earn commission on every booking.

How Hotel Suppliers work?

Hotel suppliers are connected to travel agents and tour operators of the major cities and destinations to distribute the properties or hotel inventories. In comparison to individuals who contact hotels directly and ask for discounts, the consolidators are able to achieve deep discounts due to their buying power. Hotels are willing to offer dramatically reduced room rates to consolidators because they know it will yield a greater number of reservations. Many hotels are interested in selling room blocks (allotments) to consolidators, because they know that discounted rooms mean more business in the long run and subsequently a greater profit for them. To reach maximum local customers (end customer), hotel xml suppliers have started associating with travel agents and tour operators from each destination to sell their hotel inventories hence facilitate the distribution process.

Some hotel suppliers concentrate on every major tourist destination, big city or popular resort while some hotel suppliers concentrate on a particular geographic area trying to be most competitive on a key for the company market. Their activities involve buying blocks of rooms at volume discounts in certain major cities and distributing "excess rooms" offered by hotels not anticipating full occupancy for given dates. Same inventory of hotels are connected to online hotel booking system (hotel booking and reservation software).

Interface with Apps & Hotel Booking Systems:

With the rise in online bookings through smart-phones and laptops, hotel xml suppliers have started focusing on providing best price to its distributors for maximizing their sales. As the mode of selling the inventories is through XMLs, so the online travel portals are integrating the XMLs of these hotel aggregators. One must make sure that even the online booking portal has to be responsive to most of the smart-phones and tablets so that the access to these inventories is optimum.

Advantage of Integrating Multiple Hotel Suppliers

Travel agents can integrate more than one XML in their hotel booking system to provide their customer maximum choice for selection. Multiple XML connectivity helps to provide the traveler best price and best properties. With the robust administrative panel the agents / brokers can manage all the bookings, monitor sales and manage commissions of their sub agents.

The hotel reservation procedure can be a complicated and lengthy one. Our Hotel API permits the travel solution providers to interact with our web application. What this means is that the Hotel agents can use our web application to fulfill the Large Hotel Inventory demands of their business and clients. With a wide range of accommodation choices in every location, each providing various pricing, and availability, the task of navigating through multiple suppliers can be made simple with our Hotel API.

By integrating our Hotel API with your Travel portal, you as an Online Travel Agency, can offer hard to beat Hotel deals to your potential clients. With the Hotel API you can browse large number of Hotel offers, book Room, cancel Room, generate reports for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily. A good API is a precious resource to the company. We realize this and so through our Hotel API all the Hotel needs can be customized according to the customer's needs.


  • Real-time integrations
  • Quick Booking Confirmations
  • Fast, Robust and scalable
  • Fully Flexible
  • Customizable response
  • Automatic end to end invoicing
  • Easy to use solutions for booking via call center

Hotel Reservation System for the Website is offered by us at affordable prices. This solution can able to offer online bookings for the hotel room for those travelers who travel to different destinations and need a place for their stay. We are a travel portal development company which has all the resources to develop a well-designed and well developed hotel booking engine. We provide an API integrated solution which is the way to provide error free reservations for travelers. This specialized solution is able to offer instant reservations to the users so that your customers not to go to the competitors..