Online Reservation System helps in managing the booking of hotels, flight tickets, movie, theatre, conference rooms, events, parking, guest reservations and many more. Online booking software is implemented is multiple service industry related to travel, leisure, hospitality, media, events, spa etc. The web and mobile based interface development allows availability of the software to maximum number of users.

We offer a complete set of B2C/B2B Booking Engines for flights, hotels, packages, activities and transfers. Our Booking Engines can be easily integrated with any third-party supplier(s) of your choice as well as your directly contracted inventory.

With Online Reservation System automate the processes of handling your Bookings and your communication with your customers, without human intervention, throughout the 24 hours of every 365 days of each year, thus improving the Productivity within your Company.

With Online Reservation System, your Company can manage in real time the availability of stock, change prices instantly, sell complementary products, thus easily generating add-on sales, manage offers, insert content that you wish to add to each separate Sales Distribution Channel, as well as dynamically package the products you offer, following your customers real time needs.

Our Booking Engine helps you optimize the profits on Sales, since you can easily adjust prices and offers, according to market conditions, without delay, using the most innovative Yield Management tools currently available. Our solutions allow you to manage all the Bookings received, regardless of the Sales Distribution Channel that generated the Sale, from one single access point, with all the Booking Details saved in your own Database, giving you the opportunity to view and export Reports and Statistics which will be of great use when designing new products, rates or offers.

The Booking Engine is multi-channelled and allows end-consumers, Travel Agents, Corporate Accounts and other affiliates, to be able to purchase your products and services at discounted or commissionable rates, with different contracts depending on each different type of product and each different negotiation reached. Each client will be able to view all bookings made, by accessing the web page with their user and password.