Online hotel reservation system has provided the travel agencies a new dimension. Travel companies can provide their users the facility of choosing top hotel rooms, both nationally and internationally. Connected with top hotel APIs and self contracted inventories, hotel reservation systems are popular as they connect users niche hotel inventories across thousands of destinations worldwide.

The hotel reservation system comes with B2C (Business to Customers) and B2B (Business to Business) modules to along with comprehensive admin module. The hotel booking systems are compatible for 18 hotel xmls including Expedia, GTA travel, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, transHotels, Miki Travels, Sun Hotels, Darina Holidays, DOTW, Asian trials and Versys. This hotel reservation system (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) is a feature rich, robust and scalable web based OTA solution for leading travel companies, where in the return data from GTA, Kuoni, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, Path Finder and Versys, merged into one XML feed using our proprietary algorithm to get various sorting options from a total of over 100,000 hotels worldwide.

Top Features of B2B / B2C Hotel Reservation System

Global Hotel Rooms Inventory

While dealing with global market, having global hotel room inventory is a must. Hotel reservation system software must be connected with top hotel inventory to provide best deals to global clients

B2C & B2B both the interfaces

Being an online travel agency, you should always opt for a hotel reservation system that has the capability of B2B and B2C both the interfaces. There should be distinct identifier separating the B2B and B2C version of the hotel reservation system. This separation could be achieved through implementing customized customer interface with distinct features.

B2C & B2B both the interfaces

An excellent travel agency would be the one that has the capability of possessing multiple payment gateways. There would be some customers who would prefer paying through credit or debit cards and there would be other you would prefer using Paypal. There would be users who would change to another travel agency when he/she is unable to use their preferred payment option.

CRM / Client Retention Tools

Retaining of the old client is equally important to attracting new clients. Your hotel reservation system should have the facility of providing timely alerts for booking status and cancellation status through emails. One of the effective methods used by the hotel reservation system for retaining client is pushing the relevant content to them through mapping the hotels, cities and countries with the helps of a one stop shop in your home page.

Google Map & Street View Option

Clients always prefer dealing with real business. When you integrate the Google map street views with the hotel reservation system, will enable the client to locate the business with ease. Google map also helps you in getting connected to clients who prefer to deal face to face

Logs for the Agents

An online travel agency is regarded to be excellent when it is capable of developing an excellent agent activity, which further simplifies the process of user behavior analysis. The result of the analysis helps in determining the strong and weak points and also helps in product development.

Graphical Booking Reports

This gives agents a clear idea about the progress, which is happening on their front. Travel management companies and hotel aggregators across India, United States, Germany Spain, Africa and Middle East, are going for top hotel reservation system, hotel extranet system with hotel APIs and self contracted inventory.

The Hotel Booking Engine is one of the highly profitable solutions available to you. The margin of profit of B2C Hotel is more than B2B Hotel. So, the opportunity is massive. Most important factor is correctly combines the appropriate hotel wholesale suppliers with the right distribution capabilities to develop your sales significantly. Regardless if you're searching for integrating a new hotel supplier to your present system, or starting a new hotel reservation system we offer more than just technology

Whether you are looking for Net or Gross hotel suppliers, we can offer you wide selection of both. Net suppliers provide you possibility to control your gross and mark up rates, redistribute products over agent network and earn 15 – 30% on each booking.

We deliver our Hotel Reservation System and Service, by:

  • Consulting on which hotel wholesalers to connect with
  • How to grow your B2B Hotel booking and B2C Hotel booking operations
  • How to choose right technological elements
  • Our book hotels online Engine allows customers to book rooms or holiday packages directly from your own website. Book hotels online also provides complete Digital Marketing Services for Hotels and Resorts to raise traffic to their website. Our services ensure maximum sales through room bookings at cheap cost of marketing efforts. Our services help build an impactful presence for your Hotel in the virtual world, create greater visibility, and great ease of Transaction which results in lower unsold inventory through greater Online Revenue and Profits.

We Offer

  • Unlock the power of your hotel's web presence
  • Fully realize your online potential
  • Build strong direct booking business online and on mobile
  • eTicketing
  • Successfully take control of your online distribution for maximum reservations revenue, margin and profit.
  • Our team has been recognized by the travel industry worldwide as the best in the business
  • Better understand and continually develop your online strategy
  • Build your brand online to be strong and effective
  • Successfully market your hotel online, consistently generate bookings with above industry average conversion

B2B Hotel Booking Engine

Grow your agent network with our B2B Hotel Booking Platform.

Increase your agent network using our B2B Hotel Booking Platform. You already have access to numerous inventories and great rates. But will you have the ability to provide safe and controlled access to hundreds of sub agents? Are you able to automate online sales? Are you able to control and limit access to your net rates? You're able to do all this, and more with our B2B Hotel Booking Platform.

Our agent B2B system was designed to deliver the power to rapidly grow your internet and offline presence completely with multiple user management, advanced mark-up controls, and monitoring across multiple user levels:

B2C Hotel Booking Engine

Deploy a powerful, customizable hotel booking engine, complete with multi-language capability, customization, and facilitating the full booking process.

Easily managed from your B2B Hotel Booking System, you can provide any sub agent working on your account with the opportunity to have their very own Hotel Reservation System - substantially increasing your market reach, and return on investment.

We actually facilitate your direct agreements with hotel wholesalers. Whether you are distributing over B2B, B2C, or B2B2C channels our Hotel Booking Engine can considerably improve your growing online hotel business sales.

Our Hotel booking software is a powerful tool. Our Hotels B2B / B2C embodies our idea of not just integrating multiple wholesale suppliers and content suppliers via XML API, but also providing sophisticated management tools, allowing rapid deployment of multiple sub agents and affiliates, each loaded with access to our Hotels B2B system.